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A few hours ago, we got a call from our daughter. Someone she grew up with had been murdered ... best as I know, she was much closer to mutual friends than to the victim, but it clearly was very hard on her. She called her brother, a bit closer in age to the man and probably closer to him as a person as well ... he later called and checked in, too.

I wanted to know more, so I checked SFGate and found a brief story about the event. I noticed that there were more than 60 comments already. I made the mistake of wondering what kind of comments would there be about a very recent story about a shooting, and started reading the comments.

Some were generic "Berkeley sux." Some conflated Berkeley and Oakland and said "Oakland sux." Many referred to the victim as a thug ... this was when he had yet to be identified to the public. But they assumed. Someone who knew him said he was a father of three ... someone else said, in essence, who cares. Finally, someone dug out an old news story about the victim, quoted it, and said he got what he deserved.

Frustrated, I posted my own comment, explaining that the victim was a friend of my kids, that I understood the desire to mouth off since I do it all the time myself, but that, given the number of people I know personally who are grieving right now, I was ashamed to read the comments.

On SFGate, you can give a thumbs up/down to individual comments. Within three minutes, I'd gotten a thumbs down from someone.

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